Designed to simplify battery pack structure and maximize reliability of BMS for harshest operating environment

We use wireless communication technologies to control and monitor battery cells. The patented wireless BMS architecture along with our propriety communication protocol, Wireless Battery Area Network (WiBaAN™), is designed to simplify battery pack design while enabling highly reliable and secure data communication between the master controller and cell sensors.

At Navitas Solutions, you can rely on our in-depth experience, insights and expertise for reliable BMS solutions. Our wireless BMS solution provides the following advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility in battery pack design
  • Significantly reduced number of components and failure points
  • High manufacturability and maintainability
  • Scalability from automotive to ESS applications
  • Reliable data communication (highly robust to inverter noise and EMI)
  • Secure data communication using AES-128
  • Perfect high-voltage isolation
  • Sensing and communication redundancy
  • Lower overall battery pack cost

Key Features

Frequency Band: 2.4GHz ISM Band
Data Rate: Up to 2 Mbps
Range: 1km outdoor/30m indoor
Measurement: Voltage and temperature
Cells per SM: Up to 16
Cells per MM: 640 cells for 100ms update rate
Communication Protocol: WiBaAN™


  • Automotive
  • Energy Storage System
  • Wind/Solar Farm
  • Mobility
  • Internet of Things
  • Sensor Network

                  Battery Managing Module

                  Battery Managing Module

                  Battery Sensing Module

                  Battery Sensing Module


Wireless BMS Specifications

Communication Frequency 2.4GHz ISM Bands: 2400 ~ 2483 MHz
Propagation Range 1 km Outdoor, 30 m Indoor
Packet Error Rate (PER) Less than 10-5
Wireless Data Rate 2 Mbps max, 1 Mbps nominal
Wireless Data Security AES-128
Cells per Sensing Module Up to 16 cells
Cells per Managing Module Up to 640 cells with 100ms update time
Number of Managing Module IDs 227 ≈ 134 million
Battery System Range Over 1000 V
Voltage Measurement Range 0 ~ 5 V
Voltage Measurement Accuracy ± 2.5 mV typical, ± 5 mV max
Temperature Sensors Two external (sensing module) and one internal (sensing IC)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ± 2°C max
Operating Temperature (Sensing Module) -40°C to 125°C
Average Current Consumption (Sensing Module) Active: 400 µA/cell, Standby: 36 µA/cell
Passive Balancing Current 120 mA at 4V DC
Redundancy Option Sensor and Wireless Radio Redundancy
EMI Immunity Satisfies Automotive Qualifications

Road test results on eTruck with frequent acceleration/brakings


Software Graphic User Interface


Engineered for ISO26262 compliant systems, CISPR25 compliant for radiated emission tests, ISO11452 compliant for radiated immunity tests, and ISO10605/16750 compliant for electrical reliability and environmental tests.

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This specification is subject to change without prior notice.